Saturday, 21 September 2013

Building a Better SHoulder with Dumbbells

Are you having issues getting that dream shoulder?
Well, i want to inform you that the you can now get it and get it healthy!
Firstly, you need to follow the step which is shown below.

But note that you need an adjustable dumbbell!

Lateral Shoulder Raise:
Please, before venturing into this, make sure that you have eaten a lot, don't want you falling while doing this.

Also note that you won’t be needing a lot of weight to feel the burn with this particular move!
Also remember that you are required to bring the weights up to ear level.
Likewise, you can also do good by performing this particular move while seated (with back support).

If you stand, use the one-foot-in-front method and slightly bend the knees for more stability.
Also, if you want to get fancy, through in a front raise (lift the dumbbells directly in front of you up to eye level) after each lateral raise for a great compound move.

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